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I need diet plans to help me loose as much weight as possible by April for my birthday, I am going to be 14 and want to look in shape,as I am quite small being 5ft 1" it makes me look bigger as i am 10st, also I am not sure how much diet pills are but i need them to keep me in shape after loosing the weigh,any ideas how to loose weigh?


Firstly- DON'T do diet pills! You're only 14 years old- your body has not stopped developing. Something like diet pills at such a young age could have a detrimental effect on your growing body.

Secondly- I would also NOT advise you to attempt any quick weight loss diets- for the same reason as the diet pills: your body is still developing and depriving your body of certain nutrients could well have an adverse effect. Also quick fixes are the best way to fail and you will not achieve what you are setting out to do.

I would advise (shock, horror!) a balanced diet & exercise. Strangely enough, it's the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Be determined & disciplined and you will have lost the weight by April. Also, if you stick to healthy eating and exercise, you'll keep the weight off!

The definition of healthy eating:

*smaller portions of food *cut out or cut down on high-fat, processed foods (i.e; hamburgers, hotdogs, crisps, sweets) *replace sugary drinks with water or fresh juices *snack on nuts/grains/fresh or dried fruit/ raw vegetables *drink plenty of water with meals (helps wash out toxins, fills you up) *try and include plenty of cooked veg in your meals (less calories than meat & will fill you up). Also make sure you start the day well- always eat a healthy breakfast, as this will stop you snacking before lunch time. If possible, stick to around 3 healthy meals a day and a couple of healthy snacks.

The definition of exercise:

*walking for around 20 minutes to an hour a day- the brisker, the better *perhaps cycling/swimming/playing a sport for around a half to an hour, once or twice a week (whatever you can manage to do). Increase your level of exercise gradually until you feel comfortable with the amount you're doing- but don't over do it. A stressed out body is not a healthy one!

Be sensible & listen to what your body needs.