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I hav a problem with my fore skin and Pennis the fore skin is attached to the top of my Pennis not allowing it to enlarge to the max size it has a skin attached to the Pennis and causes pain when I try to have sex and doesn't let the skin move back and forth as the fore skin is stuck to the top of Pennis wAt would be the solution for this if the fore skin doest stop my Pennis it will be in good size and I can have all the pleasure with my girl frnd pls help me it's not letting me have a complete sex pls some one help me pls


Sounds to me like it is a fused foreskin.

IF you have tried to retract the foreskin fully and can not, that you can SEE where it is attached at the tip and even with warm water soaks it does not loosen will need to visit a urologist to discuss your options. You may need surgery to free the skin so it properly slides, retracts etc.