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Hello I'm really worried about 

the top of my bell end has a thin bit of skint attached to the foreskin I've red that if u stretch it u can pull ur foreskin all the way back but I've been trying to pull it as far as I can and holding it but its not stretching I can't pull it back far I do masturbate (not too much though) nd I thought even that might help but I feel really left out when all my friends joke around talking about how they can 

the piece of skin is only a couple of cm's long I need to get rid of this but I'm to scared to cut it with some kind of doctors knife like I've red somewhere but I'm to embarrassed and scared to really to my parents or a doctor I'm only 13 nearly 14 and I'm hoping to lose my Virginity soon but how can I when I can't even get my fore skin back 

is there any chance it could just go away 

or would I have to snap it or cut it and will it hurt 

pls help ASAP thanx so mucH 


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Hi I take it you are talking about the frenulum that is at the underside of the head that connects to the foreskin! If this is right what I'm thinking if you reply I can help you :-)