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:'( I am infested with flea bites 4 weeks now. we have been treating our home professionally and ourselves. the fleas do not bite my husband - only me and the dogs. Why only me? How do I get rid of these bites and are these fleas laying eggs and larvae in me? I know they carry tapeworm. I don't feel well tired, stomach hurts, nausea no fever. my doctor is out of town for two weeks. these bites seem to be spreading all over my body. can you give me some info please
Thank you Linda


Hello there Linda,

We had similar problem in our house last year. My friend brought me her cat for a few days because she was out of town. After 10 days I have started noticing flea bites on my legs. I was frightened because I didn’t know at first what is this, but then I have spotted flees and I was terrified.

I went to the pharmacy and they gave me some powder to spread it all over my house, which I did. In addition to the powder I got some spray too and I applied it on the carpets in the house. It took me two weeks to get rid of flees. They didn’t cause any problems to my health.