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Hello. I am 14 years old. I have been masturbating for 1 and a bit years now. I was never told at a young age to try to pull my foreskin back untill it was mentioned to me recently. I always thought that is happened later in life as I was never given deatails. I tried a few times to pull back my foreskin but I could only pull it back to just see the head making the hole at the top around 1cm wide or a bit smaller. It was the same when it was errected and non erect. When i try to pull it back further then here it causes pain. I have tried some strecthing methods but they do not seem to work. I have been been trying for around 2 days. I may be doing it wrong any advice. On how to stretch it, or do I have a disease of somesort. I am to embarssed to tell my mum as we have never discussed this before. I am also to embrassed to go to the doctors.

Thanks for the time and advice.


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I guess nobody ever gets any instructions about it. I was lucky to have had a mother who said --- Hell NO --- when the doctor asked if she wanted me mutilated. Then he told her to pull it back to wash under it at every bath time, and she passed that on to me when I was old enough to do it myself. So I grew up with my foreskin always being pulled back for washing. I never heard about people having a problem doing that until I came here. None of the kids I grew up with ever had a problem pulling theirs back. The ones who were lucky enough to still have a foreskin anyway.

I keep reading stories about it being stuck to the glans until a boy is 9 or 10 or even 15. Mine certainly wasn't and none of my friends either.

It takes time to make skin stretch. It's not a rubber band. It has to grow extra skin cells to get larger. It took me several months of stretching it in the shower every time to get it so it wasn't tight. I started by putting my two little fingers in the end and stretching a bit and holding it there for as long as I could, several minutes at least. Then I moved up to larger fingers until I got it where I wanted it.

You aren't going to see a difference in 2 days. Keep working on it, you'll get there. Don't get discouraged if it takes a while, after all it's been the way it is for 14 years. 8-|