Hi all, I am struggling with the curse of alcoholism for a long time now. I am 39 years old and I did a detox in November very successfully but relapsed the last month. I am now worse than I ever was. I am trying now to cut it down, but I can’t. I can’t sleep and sweat all the day. Even if I sleep also I am jerking awake from nightmares. I am thinking of calling the same Health Service which helped me in November. I am staying here in Montreal and I consulted a Doctor 314 miles away from here is due to a single reason that none should know about this.Last time I had to send my kids away to my husband’s (not the kids dad) home, where their grandma took care of them. It’s in Ottawa which is about 410 km from here so that they also will not know about this. My husband is totally supportive and caring, so I don’t want him to know that the curse of alcohol caught me again. He is on his business tour for two months. I was abused by my ex-husband so it is very hard for me to send them to him. I want some reasons to say my husband for sending kids to his home. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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