Hi I'm late. Lol! I had my last period on 9/9/16. I'm like clock work every 24-25 days supper heavy. I've had nothing. I did a home hcg and was negative and had a blood test about 2 weeks late that was negative. My husband has also had a vasectomy 3 years ago. He never er went to get checked to make sure all is good. I wouldn't be so freaked if it was just a late period but I'm having some other things going on. I can't stop peeing and it is all night long, tingley breasts, bloated, lower back pain, crampimg, clear slimy vaginal discharge with no oder, in the last week mood swings like crazy, foods smells that make me want to run for the bathroom. I had other labs done and all came back fine. Doctor started me on provera and I finished that yesterday. It sounds crazy but I feel pregnant just like I did with my other kids. What could be going on? Help