So I came home from school yesterday and I was really tired and fell asleep with my make up on , I woke up today early in the worning and my eyes were swollen like crazy mostly on the bottom eyelids , I have a red hot burning rash around my lips and on my jawline , I think this is because of falling asleep with my make up on , but this wasnt the first time I had done so. Also I did some research and the symptoms I have are similar to those of an allergic reaction. The swelling and rash have gotten better but it's still pretty bad. HELP!!!!!!!!! should I go see a doctor ? Or can I use some sort of home made remedy to get rid of it! please help I have a dance performance tomorow and I don't want to miss it ! I already missed school today because of this :-(

PS: I'm 16 years old, female, never had any kind of medical problem so I'm pretty healthy, I'm not allergic to any foods, I have no pets and I wear prescription contact lenses.