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Hi guys. I'm 14 years old and have done mildly sexual things with my boyfriend, and was inside of me but didn't break my hymen. My stomach doesn't look any bigger, but I've been having random cramps. Nothing ridiculously terrible, however. My breasts tend to be a little tender every now and them, but they haven't grown. Ive had to urinate more often, but that's probably because I've been drinking more fluids. he and I did said actions a few weeks ago ( I believe three weeks, sorry for not being sure .. ) and my period changes its course a lot. Last month it was the Thursday of the 2nd week, and obviously it's past that. Please help.


Heya, I suggest going and getting a pregnancy test, just to be safe, but it may not show a correct result for another week or two. However, you dont say if your boyfriend ejaculated or not. Either way, it doesnt sound like you are pregnant...BUT, what do you call people who rely on the withdrawal method? Parents. Use condoms, get on the pill. You are so young, you shouldnt even be in this position to have to worry about this sort of thing. I will say it again, USE CONDOMS every single time. And I mean that. You have no idea how many girls get pregnant from their first sexual intercourse experience. There is a huge amount of sperm in pre-ejaculate cum. Do not take any chances. Condoms will also help protect you from STD's (or STI's) and AIDS etc. Dont muck around with your health and your life. Having a child this early is NOT fun, it DOES change your whole life and think of what is best for that child... can  YOU provide for that child with no help from anyone? I'm guessing it would be a No. Never believe anyone when they say they are safe and clean. Often they dont know if they are or not. Some STD's have very little symptoms or signs but can render you infertile, like Chlamydia for example. Please, PLEASE stop what you are doing and just enjoy young love without the sex. Emotionally, you will likely get more attached and if you break up, it could really do you some emotional damage. Wait awhile, try till the legal age where you live. They have those laws for a reason. If your boyfriend is older than you and over the legal age to have sex, he could be done for rape, whether it was or not and in some places, it isnt up to you or your parents to decide, it is up to the Police and Doctors etc. 

I wish you the very, very best. Get a test in a week or so. Just to be on the safe side.