I'm 41, I'm 10 days late from getting my period.

11yrs ago ( 2004) I had a tubal ligation.. tied and burnt after having my 4th child. 

In 2008, I had an endometrial ablation done.My bleeding let up but I still have periods just not bleeding crazy like I used to. 

I am so worried I'm pregnant, I've taken 2 urine tests and they were neg. But I'm getting symptoms of pregnancy. I've never missed a cycle unless I was pregnant. I feel like I'm crazy for even thinking I might be pregnant after everything I had done. But even more scared because of the high risks. 

I guess I will get an b hcg done and go from there. So afraid it's an ectopic pregnancy. I read so many blogs,  these things do happen.. just never thought I'd be sitting here worried I'm pregnant. It will be a blessing if I am. Scary but I will be happy.