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I had an endoscopy and it was found that I have a small hiatus hernia. The reason I had the endoscopy was due to the fact that I have on some days incessant burping. The doctor told me that almost 50% of the people he checks have also a hiatus hernia and it is nothing to be worried about. Can this be the cause of my burping, and what can be done to stop the burping??!!!


Yes, it could cause the burping. Hiatal hernias are very irritating to the gastrointestinal system. They can disrupt digestion in the stomach and cause acid reflux.

If you want to get rid of the symptoms, I suggest you get rid of the hernia. Many sports physicians and certain chiropractors are able to manually get rid of hiatal hernias. This is how I got rid of my own back in December. Look up sports physicians in your area and/or call up chiropractors and ask if they can adjust hiatal hernias or if they know of a chiropractor who can.