6 months ago I got off ortho tried cyclen lo which I was on for 6 years, the past 6 months I've still gotten my cycles, even though some a few days late or earlier than usual, and last month it came perfectly on time. This month however, I am 7 days late currently, which is strange for me because I've never missed a period before. I have been experiencing everything I usually do with my period, light cramping, light backache, sore swollen breasts, headaches, watery stools for a few days and a bit of gas, but no period. I have been drier than usual down there, and surprisingly kinda itchy and having some pain on my skin (I assume due to being so dry) I got some vagisil that has seemed to help a ton so that's going away.. No nausea, weird cravings, spotting, or bloating. I did have unprotected sex around when I *would* ovulate but do not know if I did or not (got cramping around that time but I always do, even when I was on the pill) he pulled out (I know oops) but he pulled out very early, and has a lot of experience pulling out and knows his body well. I know since I had unprotected sex there is always a chance, but there's a little more that I need to take into consideration.. I have taken 4 tests, all negative. One the day of my missed period, one a day later, then I took one 3 days later and one 4 days later. Walmart brand first, then first response with a detection of 25 for my second 2 tests. The only thing that WAS different this month, is that I've never smoked a cigarette in my life and I picked up smoking a few weeks ago and had been smoking quite a bit. I was under tremendous emotional and physical stress. My diet also changed a bit, from almost never eating fast food to eating more than usual, along with some major lifestyle changes and extreme depression and anxiety. I believe I've also lost some weight because I haven't been eating as often as I should (stress related) Should I go ahead and take another test in a few days just in case? (I'd be 20 dpo) do you think my late period could be due to all these other factors like stopping the pill, stress, anxiety, lifestyle and diet changes, cigarette smoking, not as much physical activity, lack of sleep, and light weight loss? Thank you for your help!