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i just can't sleep i don't know who i can talk to about this. i have been with my gf for four months, i know she is not the one but i'm too much of a coward to face the music and break up i already broke up with her once and i got weak and got back together with her, she is so in need of someone in her life right now i love her in a compassionate sense, she would be devastated if i broke up with her. i would never cheat on her that is out of the question for my values. i treat her so well, i give what i know how to make her happy but she is always stressed out about minor things in daily life and has control issues, and i have put so much work and patience with her to try and make it better and make it work but we are just not right for each other she stresses me out so bad it's as if she subconsciously does not want to enjoy life. i don't talk to my ex but i thought about her tonight and looked at her Facebook posts over the months and my heart hurts from longing to be with her, she is so mature and intelligent, and thoughtful, and deep, and so am i at my core, i just long to be able to connect with someone deeply and intimately that way, and my girlfriend has openly confessed that she is incapable of that kind of connection, she can't express her finer emotions very well and i find myself having to be an island to myself in our relationship when it comes to the deep life feelings i have. my x and i dated 5 years ago when we were 19 and 20 and had a real deep connection like i never felt before but i ended it for dumb reasons because i was immature and had so much to learn, i had no idea what i was losing, i thought relationships like that would just keep coming along. in my core i want to be with her, to love her and give her love and intimacy. it is almost definitely a lost cause anyhow. life is hard.


stop thinking you need a partner to be happy and fulfilled!!!! you dont!! find yourself and you wont ever be heartbroken will find your own mind and persona way more interesting and exciting than anyone elses!!