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Are you unhappy with your work? Do you have a sense that you have a calling but you don't know what it is or how to find it?

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do." -  Rumi
If you had been brought up with parents who were devoted to encouraging you to be totally yourself, and who deeply valued your unique gifts and talents, what kind of work would you be doing today? Would it be different than what you are doing?
If you had parents who mirrored to you your magnificent core essence, and you grew up knowing who you are, what would you love to be doing for your work today?
Do you even know "the beauty of what you love"? Without knowing the beauty of what you love, you cannot be guided in what you do by what you love.
"The beauty of what you love" is in your core Self, waiting for you to discover it. But if your core Self is hidden beneath your wounded self because protecting against your very painful core feelings of loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, sorrow, grief, and helplessness over others and outcomes is more important than loving yourself and others, you may not yet have discovered what you love.
If you feel lost regarding your calling in life, don't despair. You DO have a calling and you CAN find it! 
In order to find it, you need to be practicing Inner Bonding in a deep and committed way, devoted to taking full responsibility for learning how you are creating your painful wounded feelings and to fully nurturing with great kindness and compassion your painful core feelings. You need to be fully devoted to being so loving to yourself and others that you are willing to feel the painful feelings of life rather than protect against them with addictive and controlling behavior. It is your protections that are covering your core self and the knowledge of what you love.
Some of us are lucky to always know our calling. But I have many clients who wander around trying one thing after another, never feeling like they are where they belong. Others have a sense of what they want and what they love, but are afraid that if they go for it, they will fail. Others put it on the back burner because they are afraid that they will not make enough money. They suffer in jobs they hate because they have made making money more important than the beauty of what they love, and they generally feel empty and unfulfilled. 
Your beautiful essence is a unique expression of Spirit and contains your unique gifts, talents, and what you love - what has true value to you. When you discover what has true value to you to express and you offer this to the world, you are letting "the beauty of what you love, be what you do."
If you have children, hopefully you are seeing and mirroring their essence. One of the greatest gifts you can give to your children is to support them in following their passions. However, if you are supporting them in following their passion, but you are not following your own, what message are you giving to them? So the other great gift you can give to your children is to role model following your own passion. But in order to do this, you need to know what your passion is! 
Once again, here is where Inner Bonding comes into the picture. The more you practice Inner Bonding, the more you will get to know your essence, which opens the door to discovering the blueprint for your true calling.

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