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Ok I have been an opiate addict for about seven years. Started with jut swallowing Vicodin and turned into shooting herion everyday when I couldn't afford to buy and smoke the four to six 30 mg Percs a day. A year ago I went to treatment, I turned myself in... I finished it and was clean for six months and then I met a guy.... And he used and it all started again. The relationship lasted a week and I was completely addicted again already. Now four months ago I finally met an amazing man that wants to be with me for ever, problem: I'm so addicted to opiates again I can not function like a normal person with out them and have used all the money to mine and his name on drugs... He is at his wits end. I am on day two of not using an I feel like I wanna crawl out of my skin. I'm so uncomfortable, in pain, not sleeping, muscles jumping it's like unbearable. If I don't make it through this I'm gonna lose my man and my life all over again. This addition lemme to livening in my car and having no family for three years in the past. I'm so scared and so depressed and wtf!!! I hate this NEVER USE OPIATES!!!


Hi chrold i have been on suboxne for 8 yrs. have you tried to get into a suboxne program to get you away from your drug of choice. I am on my 16 day of hell my self but iam finally seeing that  light at the end of the  tunnel. It was time for me to try to enjoy my life the way it was attended to be drug free. And thats what you should be thinking of if you love your partner that much and dont want to lose him you will try with all your being. i know you could do this because lam doing it if i can any body can just take it slow cut down little at a time. You did it  once before  you could do it again dont feel sorry for your self get strong think about how great you will feel and how much you love your man but dont get me wrong you have to do this for your self first. I hope this will help .