It’s so weird to ask this, but my boyfriend and I were making out and when I took his penis out I noticed he had some precum on top, i gave him a small ha****b and I got some of the precum on my hand, after that we just had to stop the make out session (he didn’t ejaculate) and later that night (like 40 mins later) I went home and touched my vagina because it was itchy, obviously the precum was dry but I don’t know if there’s a possibility that it could’ve gone into my vagina and gotten me pregnant. I got so scared and 28 hours later I took the PLAN B pill, so now it’s a week later and I have been getting nausea, I had a dark brown spot on my panties and I read it could be because of the pill but then I also read that when you are pregnant you get something called implantation blood and I don’t know what I even think anymore, I’m literally desperate and dying of anxiety, also I read that plan b pills don’t work on overweight people, which I am, and now I am so scared I don’t know if it was implantation blood or what’s was it, im also getting some cramps and i know it’s not my period because my period had ended a day before the night we did that. I am super worried and scared please help