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hello i consult already to the doctor he told me that i have polyps about 2 milimeters!(cervical polps) and they need to remove that, am worrying is that a cancerous? what if cancerous what am going to do? is that dangerous? pls give me an advice..


Hi there! I was also found to have cervical polyps when I was 23. That was before I even got pregnant. I had problems with constant vaginal discharge and I started bleeding after the intercourse, so I got really scared.

My gynecologist determined I had cervical polyps. I didn’t know anything about cervical polyps and I asked the doctor to tell me everything there is to know, especially about the relationship with cervical cancer. I was so scared because my boyfriend and I were planning to have kids in a 2-3 years time.

Anyway, cervical polyps can turn to cancer but it happens rarely.

Cervical polyp is always taken to a laboratory after the removal, so that they could determine if it had any chances of becoming cancer.

I was so scared about the removal, I didn’t want any electricity burning my tissue but the doc told me it was the only solution. Otherwise, the polyps could have gotten growing, which would make me harder to get pregnant. This was what made me get rid of them.

What symptoms did you experience before you found out you had them?

My doctor told me that some girls don’t even have any symptoms.
As I have already said, I got rid of my polyps by a procedure called electrocautery! Have you ever heard of it? However, there is another way to remove them and it is called laser vaporization.

I was given antibiotics after to get rid of the presence of bacteria and was told to have regular follow-ups. I haven’t had any problems with polyps after that and I did manage to get pregnant without any problems.

What did your doctor said you should do? Have you already decided on a removal date?


I've had cervical polyps off & on for 30 years. The doctor's I go to clip them off right in the office. Not all doctors want to do this for some reason or maybe they are qualified. One doctor wanted me to go into the hospital to have them surgically removed but since I knew they could be removed right in the office I wouldn't do it. I'm not keen on hospitals. Anyway, I think I have another one. I have some spotting & I stopped my period about 4 years ago & I have some slight cramps. I have an appoint to go to the doctor in July.