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Hey everyone.


I recently bought a cat for me and my family. I don’t know what breed she is , but she is nice and very cuddly! I am still experimenting with food that I am giving her. Somehow I still give her food that we prepare for ourselves.

She is eating everything – fried potatoes, cooked chicken, pork, bananas, and mushrooms. When my neighbor saw me that I am giving this to her, she attacked me telling me that I should not do that!

Why??? Is this not healthy, is this forbidden or not?

Do you give human foods to your cat?


Hello there.

Obviously you are new in this whole situation. People will tell you that you cannot give human food to your cat, but this is not completely true.

There are certain ingredients and groceries that you actually can feed your cat with.

You can give meat, whole grains, fish, eggs, vegetables and cheese.

You SHOULD NOT give your cat fried food, that is insane!

Foods that you should avoid giving your cat are chocolate, onions, garlic, nuts, bread, grapes etc.

I suggest you to try raw food because I am sure that your cat is going to love it.

Maybe she won’t eat it at the beginning, but she will eat it later.  



Hi there people.


I hope that you two are going fine :)


As a cat owner I can talk a lot about cat food. I was experimenting with food a lot.

I am not sure what do you think when you say “human foods”. Human foods are rice, meat, vegetables and yes, I give my cat human food in this case.


But if you are asking me am I giving my cat food from my own plate, the answer is – no I don’t. I don’t give fried food that I eat to my cat because it is not healthy.

I avoid it all the time.



What’s up?


No, I don’t give human foods to my cat and here is why. Human foods can affect badly your cat because your cat has different metabolism.

A lot of cats will face with problems such as upset digestive system that can cause several illnesses and sometimes even death.

When I was a kid I was reading about this so I made a decision that I will never feed my cat with foods that I eat.


You should not give her foods that are for dogs.


I am not saying that you should avoid EVERY human foods, but I do that.

And I am happy about it.




Now, after your posts I am really scared to tell you what I think about this lol.


But I will tell you. OK, my answer is yes – I do give human foods to my cat.

I think that there is no reason for me to be afraid. A lot of human foods, a lot of groceries are good for every pet.


So I am giving my human foods to my cat. I didn’t have any problems because of it. I believe that you need to give your cat a meat. It can’t harm her, right?

My cat’s digestive system is really good and it doesn’t matter does she eat human or non-human foods.



Ok, thank you all.

And please don’t attack me because I have told you that I don’t know how to deal with cats.

Anyway, I still don’t understand is this food forbidden or what? So far my cat didn’t have any side effects and her stool is regular. I will try to switch her to some other food, but I think that she is not very much into it like in this human food that I eat.

Can you tell me what your suggestion is? How to do this?

I was thinking that the food that we eat is healthy enough that our pets can eat it.