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About 5 years ago I had a tubal ligation clamps just yesterday 3 days felt like I was having contractions my litter back was hurting and the cramp was going down my leg it was horrible pain. I felt like I had to push something out finally it felt like a rumble and had huge chunks of blood and it was red light pink and another huge piece that looked like meat with greyish purple and looked like tissue I'm really freaking out has anybody experienced something like this this is my first time going through this.


That is not normal, you need to see your doctor and or gyne for an internal check-up to make sure everything is OK.  A few things to be checked out; 1. is that the tubal has held and none grown back for a possible chance of pregnancy - that needs to be ruled out, 2. that you don't have fibroids, cysts or endometriosis.


If this happens again you should try to keep the clot and go to the ER immediately with the abnormal discharge to get it and yourself examined.  Make sure what you put it in is clean.  How are you feeling now, anymore cramps/contractions or pain?  Do you have any more bleeding, any clots?  Nausea, fever, throwing up?


Well, I hope you get some answers as this sounds awful and I feel for you, Hope this helps