I am 25 just found out I have a unicornuate uterus, i think I have two kidneys... I did not know about that until this website. I have no children nor have I ever been pregnant but I would like children very much. I have a MRI scan tomorrow morning at 8 am to see more of my anatomy, I guess the doctor will be looking for that tomorrow........ the doctor is questioning the fact right now if my silly little uterus will even be able to withstand a pregnancy, I guess it looks pretty bad. I know yesterday during my hysterosonogram thing (that hurt like a mo!) they only saw one ovary and fall. tube. Last week when I had my uterus and a regular sonogram, then they took the other lil camera and put it up inside, the lady said that my uterus did lean more towards the left, but thats all she said and I thought she said that she checked out both ovaries but that couldve just been her telling me that to keep me from getting hysterical. I dont know what I'll do if I cant have any kids or get pregnant. More so if I do get pregnant but cant carry full term... Your stories are all inspiring and give me a little bit of hope, even though I know everyone is different and different things happen to different people. The funny thing about all this is my sister was possibly diagnoised with Polycystic Ovarian Disease and I thought I might have that to since I've only had like 10 periods my whole life since I was 13, and now come to find out half my reproductive organs are missing and possibly a kidney!!!!! Cant wait to see what the mri shows tomorrow.......... God Bless You and yours *tonya*