Hi im 18 and I just had protected sex the day after my period and i had a brown discharge right after we had sex. So ive been paranoid if thats normal or no. Its been 2 weeks now and i feel like im pregnant or maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me because i just recently lost my virginity. We always use protection though. My abdominal is kinda hard and my breasts are a little sensitive but i rarely feel it. Now i feel kinda nauseous or maybe its from my hangover bc i went to my bestfriend's birthday party 2 days ago. My sypmtoms are my discharge had increased, had brown discharge with no sign of blood for 2 days since we did it, feeling bloated since we did it, i feel like my tummy got bigger since we started doing it but my weight is still the same and now im feeling nauseous. I want to do a pregnancy test but 2 weeks is still early right? Im also irregular so idk when my period will come back. All ive been doing now is worry about it and search through the net about this. Is this because im worrying a lot? Im also planning to see a doctor but i dont want my parents to know. How can i do that? Can anyone help me? Im really worried and im panicking. Any advice would be helpful.