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2 days ago, me and my girlfriend were kissing in both naked appearance... we only had our briefs and panties... unfortunately, bcoz of my turned on personality, i had pre-cum.. we didn't have any plan of committing sexual intercourse... a drop of it passed through my brief (made of thick cloth).. the head of my penis was able to touch her vagina but with our undies.. so is it possible for her to get pregnant? please answer.. i need to know..


Hmm... something like this happened to me and my gf like 1 year ago..

Same scene, half naked, kissing to each other and well... same things u said.. next two says she was worried because she surely was in her most-easily-to-get-pregnant week.. she beg me to buy a pregnant test.. but the day we where going to buy the test she told me she had already her period.. so till now she's not pregnant.

What i mean by telling you this is that my gf didn't get pregnant even when she was MOST able to get... ur gf could've get maybe if your penis touched her vagina.. pre-cum does have enough sperm to make her get pregnant but if u had both ur underwear that's some kind of wall for it. Liquid's can get thought clothes but i dont think it could get ur gf pregnant.

If she's getting a bad feeling of this maybe u can get sure bye using those fast pregnant test's.

I hope she's not pregnant..Good luck (sorry for my bad spelling and english writing)