I'm 14 about to be 15!! Yesterday I lost my virginity to my bestfriend. I do not feel guilty honestly I don't know what I feel but every time I see his face in pictures today I cry a little just thinking what if we will never be a thing ): I talked to him yesterday and I told him he was basically first everything my first french kiss to my first first... should I feel guilty the fact that I have no idea if he is still with his girlfriend... he is 16 and lost his virginity last semester to a girl he didn't even know.. I told him yesterday I never thought he liked me or that we would be a thing and he said well don't think that because I actually do like you.. and I wouldn't leave you alone. He keeps checking up on me asking me if I'm still bleeding and all that but he used a condom so should I still be scared about the whole pregnancy thing like should I still keep that in mind ? I don't want to ask him if it broke or anything  ... please help me I have no idea on what to say to him or anything .