Please, help!

I used to masturbate 2~3 times/day but suddenly while I was masturbating I felt some strange pain (very mild pain) on the left testicle and that pain stayed for a couple of hours and dissapeared, before I started to feel that mild pain some days ago I had some strange lower back pain while I was standing up in the subway

then a couple of days later I was taking a bath and noticied a lump/pea("under" the testicle, I cant "feel" the whole thing, its like a vein) above/behind my testicle, very small lump (size of a pea), I went to the family's doctor, he examined my left testicle and found nothing wrong and said: "it just a compressed vein" I took a break of 5~7 days and the random pain started to dissapear(the lower back pain too, actually, as soon I started to lower the number of erections/day the pain dissapeared) but right after I started masturbating again I the pain (testicle) went back (again, the bad habit of 2 times in a single day..)

sometimes when I take a hot bath the lump(?) increase a litle the size but right after decreases, when I get excited the lump incrases too but right after the erection/I feel relaxed it decreases the size by 1/2..

sometimes(very rare through the day) I get a very very very little descomfort/pain in the right testicle that dissapear in matter of minutes..

While I was typing this thread the lump went from a pea size to something like 1/4 of it's size, I'm not even feeling the 'lump" right now (I cant touch it, looks like my testicle is 99% flat again) i'm not feeling any kind of pain/discomfort right now

does my story have something related to overmasturbation/tireness?

I dont know if this is related but at the same time I had some issues with my urinary bladder due holding the piss for long times, I had 2~3 days of constant use of bath for pissing but after the 2~3 days the urine issue went away