I have freiberg's disease in both feet. I had 2 surgeries on my left foot back in high school where they just cleaned up the broken bone pieces. 10 years or so later I start having the same symptoms in my right foot. I was living in a different state and the doctor wanted to try implants- I had a screw shaped one first which was terrible, so he took it out and then tried a silicone ball which was better but it still felt like I was stepping on a rock with each step. The idea was to keep the length of the toe. I ended up moving home and having the doctor who did my first 2 surgeries look at my right foot, he removed the implant, shortened the bone/cleaned it up and for the most part my feet have been fine ever since. 

They still hurt when I'm on them for a few hours or more- a day at the zoo kills them but for the most part I don't have much pain or really notice my feet troubles and I wear just regular tennis shoes. I've been told not to wear flip flops but I do it anyway. Heels are a no go because of where the weight goes but I just wanted to post my story because I think the surgery to shorten the bone/clean it up has been the best thing for me. I would definitely recommend it if you've already tried the shoe/boot and it's not working. This surgery has really helped me. Oh and stay away from implants. :)