hey everyone! ok so 2 of my best friends are bipolar (one on meds, one without) and i am used to helping them deal with thier ups and downs; however i have had been dealing with the same type of crazy mood swings (crazy and hyper to anger to deep depression) for about two years. i have talked to one of these friends (on meds) about this and she thinks i might be bipolar as well. she says i should go to the doctors because the medications have helped her alot. only one problem ;; i dont exactly think my parents would be willing to take me to the doctors. i am only 13, and they have never been supportive of any illness or injury i had. for example, i was injured during a lacrosse game, and they waited almost 2 weeks before finally taking me to the doctors to discover 3 broken ribs. thier "philosophy" for dealing with problems is "suck it up and walk it off." i dont think i have thier support, and because i am a minor i cant get into a doctors appointment without one of them with me. what should i do?