Hello I am 12 years old and currently I am very short around 4"10 and I weigh 125-130 so it really shows since I'm short, I wanna lose a lot of weight but I don't think I'm motivated enough or have the right idea of what foods I shouldn't eat and what I should. I know the basics obviously like cut down on pops and junk food in general. But I just can't get the motivation to do it. Every night I think "I'm gonna start a diet" But I'm never motivated enough to do it. I'm afraid to say somethings because I'm afraid it'll come back to my weight even though its almost impossible for that to happen. I'm going through serious depression with my mom passing away who was obese and died from a heart attack at the age of 29. I've been made fun of but nobody mentions my weight, but I know they see it. I'm ugly. I was actually lifting weights but I stopped and I don't remember why. I want to lose at least enough where my belly doesn't stick out. The most motivated thing thats happened to me is when my friend lost about 30 pounds over the summer and looked a lot skinnier.