I am 14 and I weight 120 -125. My weight keeps going back and fourth between those . When I was 13 in December I weighed 145-150. I suffered a tragic loss and I was depressed. And I lost 20-25 pounds everytime I go to the doctor they told me I was on the verge of obese. In school I would wear big hoodies even in the hot summer because I was ashamed of myself of my weight. I would wear this tight tank top that is supposed to make you look skinny. I would wear that half of the time . My grandma she passed away and she would tell me every day when I was younger that I needed to loose weight . That I was fat. That was all heard and it didn't bother me much then  because I didn't really understand I was happy . I didn't consider myself fat or anything. I didn't understand but since she passed all I wanted to do is lose weight....because I'm not happy with myself .when I see myself in the mirror I don't like what I see  I look up all the time the ideal weight of a 14 yd and I would never match  the numbers . It said I was on the line of being over weight....which didn't help so I have been eating once a day at first it helped but now it's not so much one day I would eat more then I should and the next 2-3 days I wouldn't eat much at all. I just need help with what to do I seen and heard that jogging helps but I have no-one to go with and not enough time to do it ....I was need another way to lose weight quick...I tried slim fast but it didn't seem to work . As I hoped . So and tips I could used it will be very appreciative, thanks