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hi. I am 12 years old and i've noticed  that all my friends are stronger than me. I wanted to start lifting weights, but someone told me that lifting weights will stunt my growth. I am already small for my age. I am 12, 4 ft. 7, and 83 pounds ( I am on the chubbier side ). also any tips on how to grow taller ,other than the usual drink milk, excerscise, and sleep well, would be helpful. please reply.


No this will not play a major roll on your growth. If anything, working out will give you a growth spur because all the testosterone you would be releasing. However, you do have to be careful with over doing it, like crunches and such. There is another threat about this topic that you may find useful, but it pretty much is summed up on what I just told you.

Hope this answers your question. Just don't overdo the workouts.

God Bless.