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I have scars all over my nose and cheeks. It gives an "orange peel" look on my entire face. How do I get rid of them? I am 26 and had small adult acne in my early 20's. Now, my acne has subsided, with very small acne scars. I cannot seem to get rid of these ice pick scars ? I'm not sure if they are clogged pores or scars, but again, my skin has an "orange peel" look. My skin IS NOT dried out, however. I keep it very moisturized and what I've noticed is that that these "scars" fill up like pores? so maybe they are pores? Either way, when it comes to my nose, the pores are very large. If I squeeze them, a huge amount of oil, dirt comes out. However, when it is empty, it is still huge and fills up with in an hour or so? Any suggestions? How do I fully empty the nose pores (and nostrils) and then apply some sort of minimizer / collagen? to close the pore up AFTER emptying it? The "ice pick" scars are on my cheeks (upper cheek area) and they do not fill up, they just stay big and even connect to make lines, how can I get rid of these?? When I moisturizer, my skin gets oily and the pores fill up, but my skin cracks and becomes dry without a moisturizer. Right now, my acne looks the best it ever had and my skin looks extra moisterized because I have been steaming it for 5 min 2 to 3 times a week. I use a 2% salicylic cleaner 2x a day, retin-a ONLY on any acne flare-ups and a benzyl cream in the am. After steaming, I use a face mask 2x a week as well and sometimes use an baking powder as an exfoliatr only on my nose. So, my issue is that :


1) On the nose, my pores are totally filled to bursting, if I empty them, how can I make them smaller? If squeezing them is a bad method to empty them fully, then what should I do? It is very hard to get them fully empty. 


2)On my cheecks, I have either ice pick scars (that's what they look like) or big pores that DONT fill up...and when I strech my face out, they go away. How do I get rid of these???


Lastly, like I mentioned above, my acne is under control now I am just dealing with this cloggged pore / ice pick scarring issue, but it is NOT nearly as bad enough as some of the pics I've seen so I would rather NOT get any surgery at this time. 


P.S. When I went to a derm, she told me these were clogged hair follicles????? WTF is that and anyone have any idea how to get rid of that?


Good morning, I too have the same problem with the icepick scars and terribly oily skin however after doing loads of research into how to combat the problem the best Ive come up with is a chemical peel to get rid of the scars (or try). I would say I have sensitive skin so I was weary but read all the reviews and they were all positive even from other ppl with sensitive skin.

I purchased the SKIN CULTURE PEEL, costs a bit but I think it was good for 'refreshing' the skin. After I spent all tht money I read in the instructions that it doesnt get rid of deep acne scars but I tried it anyway as I already bought it.

The results: It definitely made my pores look cleaner and therefore made my pores look smaller, didnt get rid of them completely but it did improve the appearance. As my skin is very oily the new fresher results didnt last (but the results didnt completely revert either)This peel can be done once a month (surprisingly) but you really need at least 7 days DOWNTIME from start to finish, thats judging from my experience and also you may need 8-9 days the more peels you do as it seemed to take a bit longer to peel after the first one.  

I have just started taking MILK THISTLE as I started to wonder if my terribly oily skin was due to my liver not expelling toxins as it should as it got worse depending on my diet, so maybe the toxins were getting pushed out through my skin instead of my liver dealing with the toxins properly.

The same day a few hours after just one capsule i noticed my skin seemed to settle/slightly less oily. A couple of days later I took 2 in the evening (dose for adults is 1-2 per day) the next morning (this morning) I woke up to around 95% LESS OIL on my face!!! My face is usually slick with oil in the mornings as well as during the day and I always dread summer for that reason, so this is good! Its early days though so I'll see how it goes. The MILK THISTLE is by HRI (in a purple and yellow box) I bought mine from HOLLAND AND BARRATT- they are STANDARDISED FRUIT EXTRACT 300mg.

Hope you think about trying these and find they work for you, as sometimes whatever is going on on the outside/the skin is linked to whatever is functioning (or not) on the inside ie my liver I am assuming (hence the Milk Thistle).

Good luck! (:

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I had a problem with pores too but what helped allot was a collagen drink or supplements. I recommend rejuvicare.


It is possible to fill up those scarred pores specially when you are young?