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If both partners are being treated and are told not to have sex till the treatment is up, can it still be transfered back if they have unprotected sex before the period is up? One is taking a pill daily for two weeks (has four days left) and the other took four pills one day and was told to wait a week (has two days left).


When it comes to communicable diseases and infections that can be spread (especially STDs), it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

PLEASE wait until the meds are done before having unprotected sex again.

Why?  Because no two people's bodies are the same and no two people's bodies will react the same to medications.

Though the bacteria might be killed within 5 days for one person, it could take the other person the whole 7 days to kill off the bacteria.

Hence, better be safe than sorry because YES, it COULD possibly still be spread before the full doses are done.

Best of luck and take care.