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im only14 and im abt to be 15 and mi boyfriend is 17 abt to be 18  and i may be having a bby wat shouldi do kuz im lost i aint ready 4 no kid but i dnt want to kill it kuz the bby should not hav to die kuz im not reaady 4 a bby i should of never open mi legs and let a n***a nut in me idk wat to think kan yall helpme and plz dnt judge me and tell me how yall would tell sumbody in yall family and dont try to sugar code it and i aint going to get mad r anything i jus wnt to knw wat yall think...


First off, PLEASE LEARN ENGLISH! ;-| If you want to do something with your life don't use words like aint, gonna, plz, yall. I get I'm from the east part of the USA, but don't write like this if you want real help. No one is going to take you seriously. You are 14, Act like a lady and not like a kid.

OKAY, onto the your question. Since you think you are pregnant you SHOULD tell someone in your family. Letting them know earlier in this situation will make them understand you better and will be able to take you to checkups at the doctor.

Next, you said you may or may not get an abortion? Here are some questions you should ask yourself.

Is this against me religon? Some people can't get an abotion because in their community it is a sin.

If I look past in 10 years will I be able to move on and forgive myself? Many people who get an abortion later regret it , and feel the should have done something else.


Last but not least, are you going to keep the baby?

Now this is My opinon okay? If you feel upset about this part, don't get excided because I worned you. If I was 14 and having a baby I would give it up for adoption because they adopters of my baby would give it a better life , and real love that I could never give to the baby. The baby would remind me of sorrow and I would feel really bad......Things you should ask yourself if you are thinking about keeping it. 

Do you expect your parents to always watch your baby? Your 14 and technically you couldn't call it your baby then if you never see it because of school

Are you going to go to school? Dropping out of school whould ruin your whole life's plan

Would you REALLY love your baby? Keeping the baby when you feel hatred and sorrow wouldn't make his/her life better with a teen mom

You would be 21 with a 6 year old......GOOD LUCK HOPE YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU!!!:-D