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So pretty much, I'm 15 and I'm barely starting to grow pubic hair, have no armpit hair, and my penis is probably under 4 inches hard. In short (no pun intended), I've pretty much never noticed any growth in my penis whatsoever. There's something that I think may be related to this, but I really have no knowledge about it, so I can't be sure. 

I got a surgery at age 12 called an "orchiopexy". An orchiopexy is pretty much an outpatient operation where they relocate undescended testicles into the scrotum. I've done a lot of research on it, and apparently this operation is supposed to be done when you're a toddler. Since I got it later than most, I'm worried that it could be delaying or screwing with hormones. I'm not sure that this could've affected my growth in any adverse way, but I'm not really sure.

I recently saw my doctor about this, and she said that it definitely was delayed, but my testicles were developing properly. I asked her about hormone pills or injections, and she said it would be irresponsible of her as a doctor to prescribe something like that. I was really pissed off / upset after she told me there was nothing she could do. She brought my Dad in, and they talked about me in front of my face, pretty much making my issue sound childish and . Then, she referred me to an endocrinologist (hormone doctor), and I've yet to go see them, but the wait to hit puberty is f*****g killing me. All my friends began puberty years before me. 

Also, my parents refuse to actually acknowledge my situation as a problem, my mom keeps getting angry at me for thinking that something's wrong, even after I saw the doctor for it. My dad's remained distant on the issue, although he has been a lot more helpful and supportive than my mother. I'm pissed off about my issue not being taken seriously, and it's just making a terrible situation worse.

In addition, I'm starting boarding school soon, and I don't want people to find out, and have my reputation ruined forever. I don't want to go through another situation where I'm extremely unpopular. I'm really nervous about this, and again, am not receiving support from my parents or doctor.

Here's where this gets really bad for me. I've met a girl recently, and we've both admitted that we like each other. I would love to have sex, or anything like that, but I'm too f*****g ashamed of my body. I feel ashamed for being ashamed of myself, it's a never ending cycle of me feeling terrible about my body. I need some f*****g answers. I need some f*****g solutions. I need people to see that I have a legitimate problem that's been mentally nagging at me for years.

I'm insanely upset about this, I'm not receiving enough support, and this situation just f**ks me over more and more, every day. I hate my body, I need to get this taken care of. I need my family to know that this is a BIG f*****g DEAL to me (I've tried really hard to explain to them how upset I am).

Any advice, stories, or similar situations would be GREATLY appreciated



Hi Noname,

You are in puberty. If you have pubic hair then it has started. Not everyone develops at the same rate or at the same time. Seeing the endocrinologist is the best thing you can do at this point.

If they don't find anything wrong then you are likely going to have to just accept who you are. Have you considered counseling? You may have what is called "body dysmorphic disorder." Basically, as you said you hate your body.

As for having sex, you're 15. It can wait. There is much more to a relationship than sex.

What part about boarding school don't you want them to find out about? That you're still in puberty? That your penis is only about 4" long? You'll likely find others in the same situation. If you hear any comments, ignore them. Be the better man and rise above this. It's what you make of it, not anyone else.

You'll likely outgrow all this soon enough anyways.

Good luck.


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hey nomame,

let me startt by saying i compleatly feel where you are coming from. i also started puberty later. my voice didnt chance till i was almost a sophomore and i never got any incling of armpit hair until i was a junior. i felt my penis was extreamly small and that i was way behind all of my classmates. the locker rooms were always a source of insecurity and after PE class i never showered because i was afraid people would make fun of me and i felt i had the smallest penis on earth (which looking back and after doing some research i but needless to say at the time it felt like it.  also like you i had a "partially" undecended testicle. now i never had to have surgery since as they developed they did decend. regardless of that i know the feeling when going through a situation like that and its not fun at all. now i am 23 and everything is developing just fine (i still have a bit of a baby face but people just say I'll appreciate that when im older. the fact is (as medic dan said) everyone developes at different speeds and times. while i know this doesnt make it any easier on you  its a fact of life.  

there have been people i have known who in 6th grade were shaving their face  and had full beards as freshman in highschool. while still others have shown no outward signs of puberty  as juniors. it is ackward at either end of the spectrum....

now your doctor said that your testees were developing normally. do you know how big they are (length width depth measurements in cm??) that can also tell doctors a lot on what is normal and abnormal durring development.


now as for you penis. the normal erect length for the average adult male is 5-6in. so in all honnesty your penis is getting there and you have plenty of time to grow since you are still in the very early stages of puberty.


let me finish by saying i do beleive you when you say you are concerned with your body and i am not making light of it. Also i would try to just be as paitient as possible untile you see the endochrinologist. the doctor will probably test your blood and look for any abnormal hormone levels. if he or she finds them then they may start you on some medication but untile they can get some more results to find out whats going on in your body they are going to waite. too much of a goodthing (hormones) can be VERY bad if they are not carefully regulated.


I hope this helps some and know that i am hear if you ever need to talk through feelings or issues with someone.




I was 17 before I hit puberty. Some people are just late bloomers.


Hi :) Even though I undergo an orchiopexy at the age of 12 can I still have a baby? or be fertile? Thanks

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I also had Orchiopexy at age 12, 3 times as the 1st one failed!
I am in my 40s now and have 2 children, but my puberty was very late and I was eventually given Sustanon 100 injections to kick start things. I was the smallest boy in school, smaller than all except a couple of the girls too, but eventually reached 5'8" and am fertile, so you will get there buddy



Hi bro ! Your parents sound FRICKEN irresponsible for not picking up on the undescended testes much much earlier. Have they told you of the cancer risk? It’s about 4000% increased risk. So you tell them to pull their head in !