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Hello as you can see the title says what my problem is. The surrounding area of my left nipple is hard and feels like a big lump. What's weird is that it doesn't feel that way around my right nipple. Im 14 and I heard boys can grow breasts during puberty but I'm not completely sure if that's my case because it doesn't feel the same on my right nipple. If anyone could come up with possible reasons this is happening and if this is dangerous or not that would be awesome


Hi John,

You can experience enlargement of the breasts, called gynecomastia, during puberty.  I don't think that's what you have though.

You can find lumps around your breasts - even as a male.  They are somewhat common and usually resolve themselves in time.

It is unlikely to be cancer at 14.

You'll need an exam by your doctor for a definitive answer.

Hope it helps.