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Hi, im kinda scared because i gave my boyfriend a ha****b and then washed my hands off with soap and water but then the next day i went to the bathroom and wipped and the tolite paper fell and i accadentaly touched myself...i didnt finger myself but im afraid that im pregnant because i heard people say that sperm can live up to 3 days and im not sure how long it can last in air and i dont know if it can wash off with soap and water but im scared because im only 14 and i dont want to be pregnant. Someone help me please!  :-(


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hey kitten,


there is absolutly no way you are pregnate from that.  given the right conditions (such as inside the female reproductive system)  yes sperm can live or 3 days however they are highly sensitive to changes in their environmet such as temperature and dryness. once semen dries the sperm cells die.  any semen would have been washed off before you dried your hands and even it is didnt and semen got on the towel which fell on your. the semen would have dried and therefore killed any sperm cells in there.


hope this helps