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I'm 17 and have very little help when it comes to the subject of my body...

First, my breasts are extremely large for my age but that is partly because I'm over weight ... in the summer I get rashes that itch and make the skin on and around my nipples flakey.

Also I have what appears to be white heads around my nipples, I'm not very sexually active at all so I know it isn't some form of std but it won't go away with acne medication. What do I do?

Lastly if anyone knows anything about getting rid of stretch marks I'd like to hear.


Hi Dani: I have had an EXTREMELY large chest since I was 14!! So I totally understand your predicament. What it is, is like a yeast infection - well actually it IS a yeast infection! We ALL have Candida in our bodies, and all it takes is a warm moist area to set the yeast exploding. I know this sound's weird but the best thing is to use Vagisil cream or Monistat Cream over the area and under your breasts - that will be where it originally comes from! Also you can use Vagisil powder! under and over the breasts. The best thing to do is wash the breasts with a no soap cleanser - such as spectrogel or something with an actual anitbiotic in it. Then air dry them as much as possibe, IF you can get your hands on a purely cotton bra that will be the best while it is healing. Just try to let them air dry as much as possible.

Stretch marks are hereditary and there is NO magic cure for them. BUT I will tell you about what I used on a scar on my face it is called Bio Oil! It is from Europe and can be found in most pharmacies. It is pretty reasonable and is EXCELLENT for the skin. You got the stretch marks from the sudden growth of your breasts and when ever there is weight gain and loss!!!!