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Hello. My girlfriend and I have really regular sex life and I have no complains about so fare. But, few days ago my girlfriend noticed small white spots on my scrotum. I saw them also for the first time. I had earlier but they were very small, but this time they were big and extremely white.
My girlfriend become very frightened because she suspected I got some sexually transmitted disease and she refused to have any relationship with me until I go to the doctor and determine what is the cause of these spots on my scrotum.
I'm a bit afraid because I don’t know really what it is.
Did anybody have similar symptoms and what it was?


The biggest male concern is –are they may have a sexually transmitted disease or some form of cancer. It is quite interesting.
My husband had similar spots on his scrotum and so I know a bit about it.
Spots on the penis and scrotum are very common and most do not have a serious cause.
Most common cause is inflammated hair follicle. This can cause white spots and bumps all around your scrotum and lower parts of penis.
You girlfriend has right. It could be also some sexually transmitted disease. If is the case I will give you few hints before you contact your doctor.
Spots on the penis can be divided into groups according to their appearance: ulcers, papules and plaques.
Possible causes of ulcers are: primary syphilis, granuloma inguinale and Herpes simplex. Most common causes of papules are Molluscum contagiosum and psoriasis and plaques are usually caused by Balanitis and posthitis or Eczema.