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Hi guys, this is my first ever post so please look in to it and reply quickly thanks :P. Basically, im 14 and started lifting weights about 2 months ago, every night for the last id say 6 weeks ive been doing really intense workouts with about 10kg dumbells in exercises such as concentration curl, normal curls and tricepsdips and extensons, crunches, situps, jackknifes and many other things with my resistance bar wide press-ups for chest etc.
Now i know this sounds stupid and i know little about muscle development etc... but through doing this every night ive had clear results, i was already quite big but now i has really like defined biceps and guys of rugby had made reference to them :P.
Im currently about 5 10" and  should grow to about  6 2" im just wondering if lifting will stunt my height as im using 11kg and have built from 8kg and whenever i finish my like 20 min workout my arms KILL and im absolutely exhausted ive also slept much better.
Sorry to natter but please respond and tell me wht to do, i really want to get big over the summer but should i wait until im fully grown cause ive just bought a dumbbell set and have started to go to my dads gym.
Regards Mike 
Thanks :P

the next day without failure in the morning my arms and chest always ache quite badly, i knwo this is a sign of muscle tearing which is a positive for getting big but its  just really sore all the time 


You might not want to do this but it is up to you, maybe if you are worried, drop the weight a little, and muscle tearing isn't always a good thing in your case, but instead of doing enough excercise that KILLS maybe go a little easier on yourself, And remember its good to keep strong but also keep a stamina thats also important!!