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I was surprised to see all of you writing in. I had silicone implants put in 6 weeks ago. A week later, I found a rash on my breast that was red and itchy. Yesterday, I started itching on my legs and wound up with huge welt like spots. I am taking Benadryl and putting on topical cream. I am beginning to think this is surgically related. It sounds like some of you also had delayed reactions. Thanks for posting. I thought it was bug bites. Any suggestions? I am sure my plastic surgeon will say it has nothing to do with surgery. Did any of you ever stop getting rashes after a while?


heyo, i see the post is quite old. MIght i ask what happened since?

I am at my second rash and i am six months post op, silicones unders.

Quite depressing since i thought the first one was a one off :


Thanks , C