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I am writing to share my horrible experience and also to please urge anyone who is considering to do any plastic surgery .. to PLEASE do homework and make sure you know what you want!!!!

I am day 10 of my rhinoplasty and this is the longest 10 days I ever lived.  Not to mentioned the self blame of not doing my homework ( rushing).  My doctor claimed to be dual board certfied of ENT and facial plastic surgeon

My cast came off day 7 and it literally looked deformed.  I was so horrifed that I almost fainted.  My doctor told me its very swollen and it will imporve the next week.  He then taped my nose up.  The taping does help.  It still looks so BIG but at least there is a shape.  I feel like i been disfigured!  I want this impants taken out of me.  Do you know if I can get the implants out right away and I just want to go back to the way I looked!  I am so depressed and I have appts to see the best plastic surgeons in NY ... but want to see if anyone else is going thru this too! 


Thank you! 


I've had 9 nasal reconstructions so I consider myself the expert. I have a few questions before I can give you some sound advice. How old are you? and why did you get an implant?