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I'm a 14 year old girl. And in my vagina (God it's so uncomfortable saying that) Anyways. In my vagina I have like this mass of skin or something? I have a period so it's not constricting anything but, What could this be? I'm to embarrased to tell my Mom. And I feel to young to have to go to a gyno. So Im asking for help here. Please Help me.


I'm a male and not a doctor. Just so you know.

Two possibilities occur to me: First, you may be discovering your hymen... that is a layer of skin that acts as a barrier in some women. It is normally torn, or removed through intercourse, penetration or through vigorous sports (horseback riding, swiming, soccer, gymnastics, etc).

Second, perhaps you have identified your G-spot... a raised, firm mound on the top (roof) of your vagina. Many women find that stroking this G-spot leads to sexual excitment and more intense orgasms. But I'm not sure that it would be decribed as a lump.

Third, you may be describing a cyst or infection as part of the vagina.

In any case, you can ask your family doctor about this, or soon, have a GYN exam as you enter puberty to assure that you are developing normally. This would be a GOOD time to ask about this lump.

If you can't speak to your mother about this, perhaps a nurse at school or a health care professional could direct you.

Good luck.