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Ok, I'll start off by saying, as crazy as this may sound, I've felt pregnant for months despite still getting a period (happened with my mom and sister as well with at least one of their pregnancies) but have been testing negative so I'm completely over the idea. However, things have been going haywire in my body during that time. I feel nauseous, been feeling regular movement in abdomen (only when laying down), food cravings, slightly swollen breasts, etc. My periods have also been going crazy and getting worse. I went from a very regular schedule (26 days) to bouncing between 25-31 days. Bleeding changes every month when it used to be predictable, and now the pain has gotten so bad I almost went to the ER. I'm used to bad cramps as I've always had them but never have I felt the need to seek medical attention. In fact, the last cramps I had reminded me so much of the miscarriage pains I had from my first and only pregnancy. It felt like the nurse had described it then,, my body was mimicking labor. Also, it felt like my whole abdomen was swollen and like my organs were being pushed up into my ribs (so uncomfortable). This is the part that worries me most really. I got a pap smear a month ago and everything was normal though they didn't do a urine test (I don't trust planned parenthood anyway, they missed my first pregnancy) and she said some changes are normal but gave no other explanation. No insurance so I'm just wondering if this is anything to seek immediate medical attention for.


Well first off I will say that I am 38, happily married with one child and now have had hysterectomy since because of painful periods and heavy bleeding.  I had this most of my entire life only sometimes the pain is worse than others and as I aged the pain got more severe and did send me to the ER where I did get narcotics through injection to control the pain as that was the only thing that would help and also they would have to control the heavy bleeding as I would soak a pad sooner than every hour.  It was awful, then I got pregnant and lots of people would tell me don't worry after the baby is born your periods will be so much better, every month they got worse and worse and heavier and heavier again.  Until I ended up in the ER again about 8 or 9 months after my daughter was born, about 4 months later my hysterectomy date was there and it was the best thing I had ever done.  No more worrying or pain from a period, it's lovely.  So yes, you should be medically concerned as it can wreak havoc with your every day life every month, it's awful to deal with and you shouldn't have to.  Talk to your doctor about your concerns and get a referral to a gynecologist who can get the ball rolling and start doing some tests.  Good luck and hope this helps