I've had ingrown toenails for about 2 years now. I got both of them (big toes) fixed last summer, but with all the stress on the nail one of them lost the top half. When the top half on the nail decided to grow back it was very thin and went under the top skin, causing it to be ingrown at the very top. So in april i went and got it completely removed. Now that that toe is getting better my other one is growing back at little wrong. When i got them fixed i only got the sides removed, where it was causing the problem. So now even though I got it fixed it came back ingrown.

Now my question is about what i need to do for a camp i have coming up. I go to a horse camp every summer, and last year it made my toe a whole lot worse. I know its from all the pressure on the toe as i ride. I've been soaking my toe and i've tried the lemon trick at night to soften the skin. But its not going away and my doctor is out of town. What kind of tricks can i do at the camp to made the situation as little as possible?