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What to do with fungus on toes?


I don't know how to delete a post and repost the question so I will just share more of my experience in a reply.

I have always had fungus on my one toe. I have had it since I was very little I couldn't tell you how young I was when it first started. I remember it most of my life. The whole nail was nothing but covered with fungus. I remember kicking my mom's vacuum cleaner plenty of times.

I have lost the nail three times. All times my fault. The last time it came off a nail never grew back.

After the first time losing my nail I went to a toe doctor and he gave me cream to put on it. But like most creams and other topical stuff you can only see a big difference or it clears up after three years. Which it takes a very long time to clear up. He told me that the fungus was probably there because of me constantly kicking things. Now beings it the whole toe nail area that is fungus yet wouldn't that take much longer to clear up then if its just like with the nail and being around the edges?

I have nothing but fungus yet protecting the skin of my toe. I really don't want to have the fungus surgically removed because if a nail never grows back. Could a nail grow back after fungus is removed? Is there anything I can use to put on it that would clear it up much quicker. I really don't want something that takes so long to clear it up. It's on my big toe and those nails are pretty big. So it's a pretty big area of fungus.

I do have fungus under one toe nail but its only around the edges. Which would also be nice to get rid of.