I have had ingorwn toenail surgury before one my left foot big toe not too long ago. It doesn't look that bad and looks farily normal. But a week ago I had it on my right foot big toe. When he was making the line alog where to cut it looked a bit too far from the skin, I was going to say somethign but I thought he was a doctor and surgon so he knows what he is doing. When I changed my bandage I looked and it looks like he took off about half my nail. It is about the size of my thumbnail and it looks odd. On my other foot where he cut the nail is where the nail is only growning out too. I am concerned of this. My right big toe was doing fine and I didn't think I would need surgury, I made it when both my toe nails were infected and he said it would probably come back if I didn't have this surgury. My mom made it for summer break so I wouldn't be missing school as I am 14. I didn't tell my mom that I was thinking of canceling the surgury because it was doing fune, but when we were camping a few days before the surgury my mom said that I could cancel if I wanted because she thought it was doing fine too. But I didn't know that you couldn't cancel unless you called 2 weeks in advance. I decided to go anyway so it would make both of my toenails the same size. Now one looks fairly normal and one looks way too small. I am concerned about the looks of my toenails and I am wondering if it would grow out more to the side and looks more normal. Or if there is anyway of making it grow to the side more or reversing the surgury. Is there anything I can do?

Also I had pretty bad sunburn on both my feet 2 days before surgury. I had to keep my right foot elevated for a week. My left foot sunburn has turned to a tan and my right foot that was elevated is deep red and almost purpleish. What should I do?