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Hmmmmm, I am wondering why I had to take insulin my last pregnancy and this pregnancy I don't??  It seems a bit odd that I wouldn't need it this time.  Will my baby be ok?  I have had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies but this doctor doesn't seeme to think I need it.  I am worried.  Should I get a second opinion?


Hello, I see that you are worried about the treatment you are getting with your current pregnancy versus what you received in the other pregnancy.  All pregnancies are not going to be the same no matter how you do things.  The fact that you are having gestational diabetes this time around is not unusual at all.  Women who have gestational diabetes in one pregnancy are sure to have gestational diabetes in subsequent pregnancies.  This is pretty common.  You should, however, count yourself lucky that in your current pregnancy, you do not have to take insulin thus far.  Insulin is not harmful to the baby, but it is nice to know your body is able to make its own insulin this time around.  Pregnancy hormones play a part in wreaking havoc in your body so that it prepares a better environment for the baby to thrive.  Unfortunately, as a woman, you have to suffer through the many changes that cause morning sickness and other symptoms that we would much rather live without!  Your obstetrician should know what you need to control your blood sugars.  Are you on oral medication or are you able to control your blood sugars by diet and exercise alone?  I don't believe you need to have a second opinion. You are in good hands, I'm sure. :)

Does anyone have an experience with gestational diabetes they would like to share?  Every pregnancy is unique so sharing your story gives us a different perspective.