My problem started in 11th grade. , my butt would start making noises. It would feel as if I had to fart or something. I don't even know how to explain it. Of course I couldn't try to fart because it was always quiet in that class(like I would hold my fart and it would come back up and make a noise). The noises came from my butt and stomach area and sounded like my butt was whining or something. junior year that's when it all started.  In junior year I was diagnosed with IBS and am still figuring out what is ok for my stomach and what’s not but my stomach constantly is making this noise and it’s so embarrassing in quiet classes (especially in ASL where we can’t talk or speak at all) the stomach noises gives me so much anxiety And I go to the bathroom or skip the quiet classes my grades are doing terrible and my attendance is also terrible. I just want to be happy and pay attention to my tests and not rush. I feel so alone in this, no one else’s stomach makes super loud noises does any one have any advice. Please let me know I feel like I have no hope and school is terrible with this. If there’s any advice it would be very nice to let me know or to just say you’re going through the same thing. I feel so alone with this.