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ive had this problem for over a year now. its embarrassing and I don't know what it is. Over a year ago I got this sharp pain on my lower back and since then I feel like I need to go to the bathroom and even after I do I am still gassy and bloated like I need to go again. It happens mostly in the mornings and soon after I get noises in my lower abdomin and my anus they sometimes gets loud it's distracting. please help! :'(


Hello everyone I am currently 25 years old and these stomach noises have been causing me so many problems. I really started to notice my stomach noises when I was like 19 years old. Once I graduated from my university the stomach noises seem to have gotten worse. I hate having to do any kind of training, because I get soo scared that my stomach will start to make some type of noise. I actually had to resign from a government job, because the training was 4 months long and I had to spend 80% of my time in a quiet room. I was doing pretty good for the first 4 weeks, but then I got a tetaneous shot and a hepatitis shot and everything went down hill.

I will have to go through another training, which will be a week long, 8 hours a day. I wish I didn't have to do this training, but I guess I have no other alternative. I also want to get my masters, but I guess I will have to try to get it online. There are some schools like Boston University, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Florida State, Penn State and University of Houston that offer degrees online. I hope this helps for those who are in school and hate going to class. I am now trying to go to a career path that does not make me work in a quiet environment.

One thing that helped me a great deal was taking fiber pills (metamucil). My routine would start out like this, wake up and try to do #2, then take 2 fiber pills and have breakfast. I would like like 20 fiber pills with me, just incase I heard any noises. I would have lunch and then try to do #2 again and take 2 more fiber pills. I would also take water with me and also something to drink on that was carbonated. I think that if you flush food through your system, by using the restroom, then this may help with the stomach noises. It did for me until I got the darn tetaneous and hepatitus shot.

One other thing that I noticed helped a great deal was running or probably any other excercise. I remember one time I had to run 1.5 miles before lunch and I didn't eat anything, I just drank water. I showered and went to class and I was thinking that I was sure to have stomach noises. I was soo surprised that my stomach did not make one noise.

I went to go and see a doctor in another country (Mexico) since I don't have insurance right now. He checked me out and said that my heart beat is like off on the 11th beat or something like that. He said that it was nothing to worry about, but that this may be the reason for my stomach noises. He asked if I had been excercising lately and I said no. He asked if I had any chest pains and I said a couple times and he said that I should start to excercise everyday. He also gave me this medication, Creon and this other medication. I am taking them right now, but I don't know if they are really working, since my stomach has been feeling about the same. The doctor told me to stay away from processed foods, such as sausages and not to any spices (garlic, pepper, cumin and other spices) he also said not to eat any spicy foods. I am also lactose intollerant, so I don't drink any dairy products. I think I am also alergic to glutons, so I stay away from wheat, barly and oats.

One other thing that I have not done yet, but am thinking about is taking milk thistle to try to help my liver process foods. I don't want to do this yet, until I have finished my training. I don't want to experiment right now before I go to training.

Well good luck to everyone and I hope we can deal with our problem. It would be nice if we could all work for the same company and we didn't have to worry about our stomach noises.

PS: Stress is also something that causes this. I guess when you get stressed you let out some stomach acids and then that's when you hear the noises. Sometimes eating fresh fruits and veggies can also cause stomach noises for certain people. I agree with the person who said have protein. I have eggs in the morning and that seems to help.