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Hey, I'm a 17 old guy in high school. I have been having these really embarassing issues for the past year and a half or so.
When I go to school in the morning I feel really Gassy and bloated, and my stomach makes lots of noises. I end up skipping class most of the time and it's really starting to take over my education. I am getting failing grades in 11th grade, and i'm just not the type who fails a class.
When I go to class, my stomach (or whatever it is) starts to get really bloated :'( I suck in my stomach and try to stop the noise because I know its coming, but it doesn't help too much, I try drumming on my desk or something to cover it up. I tell my teachers that I'm sick and need to call home, but most of the time I just skip class and wander around near a bathroom. It's hard to get the gas out and it just makes me feel sick. I tell my parents about it and they are getting mad that i'm failing so much. I don't know what to do. Help please! I have tried gas pills, acidophilus, prozac, all kinds of stuff. Nothing seems to fully fix my problem.
(this is my first time on here so lemme know if i did this right haha)


Hi, sorry to hear of your problem. It's strange cause GasX usually works great, unless you are constipated. If you are not having good bowel movements it will cause this. Try adding fiber to your diet, there are some really good cereals loaded with fiber as well as some juices and lots of water. Gas is simply air pockets in your stomach. You might also avoid using straws. If this doesn't help, you should talk to a doctor, there are conditions that will cause this. You might also want to read about candida at this site

Good luck