I don't know if they do bite or sting because I can't see them . This is beginning to drive me crazy!!!!  I had the same problem 4 yrs ago , but no one believed me until I found out that there was a giant bird nest on my attic . I had a pest control company remove it and they fogged or something I wasn't there .when I returned I could still feel them biting . I became an expert on insecticides . I bought TONS AND ROTATED EVERY two weeks !! Finally after about a year I put delta dust and. Diatomaceous earth all under my house and the attic . Things started to slow down and almost stopped for 31/2 -4  yrs . But suddenly about 2 weeks ago they were back !!!! Little black dots everywhere , pin like bites , scabs that take forever to heal !!! And the GD crawling , so I started it all over. BIT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW OS IF ANYONE HAS BEEN THE ONLY ONE TO BE BITTEN OR THE PRIMARY PERSON THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME ? I can't figure thT out !! I have to do something

different   This time because I feel like I really never got rid of them . I'm gonna use natural products silica , Neem , and essential oils , please help me I'm the one who gets the bites my gf of 3 yrs has only been bit several times but it is the same mark left and she says it feels like a needle. Or small electrical shock !!! Please help . What should I do ???beside sell the house!!!!!!